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How We Work

Water Works degreasers are the solution to replacing harsh solvents in the workplace.
Our degreasers are aqueous, also known as water-based, and contain a microemulsion of chemistry that eats grease and oils away. The water then washes the surface, and in some cases, like Heavy Duty Degreaser, it leaves a rust inhibitor for protection. Storm Ultra provides this same protection and operates at high temperatures up to 150°F.  
Here is a short list of toxic chemicals we help replace in the workplace:
  • Industrial Alcohols
  • Caustics
  • Acetone
  • Soy
  • Ketones

Where Our Products Work

We strive to replace harsh solvents and other toxic chemicals from daily work life with a safer cleaner to use and just as effective. This means you can find our products anywhere naptha, alcohol, or high acidic cleaners have traditionally been used. 


Our cleaners start with pH-balanced water and are not citrus-based; this means our cleaners do not use acidity to clean. This can be very important in the manufacturing and maintenance world, where the cleaning process cannot alter the part. Over time the residual acid will eat away coatings, base materials, and even the parts washer, making it unfit for cleaning. Some of our cleaners have a particular use, for instance, Max XT cleaner. Max XT is designed for oil refinery cleaning in the field. Cleaning coker charges, asphalt tar, paraffin, drag reduction agents. Max XT cleans crude oil & tenacious soils, reducing your cleaning and turn-around time. Our other cleaners, Heavy Duty DegreaserXtreme 2, and Storm Ultra, are general use degreaser cleaners that overlap in cleaning ability but have specific strengths. Heavy Duty Degreaser is excellent for parts washers, spray and wipe/brush, dip tanks. With its various certifications, it is one of the most environmentally responsible ways to clean. Storm Ultra is typically used where foam can become an issue like high heat high-pressure cabinet washers. With its ability to clean at temperatures up to 150F, Storm Ultra is the go-to aqueous solution for cabinet wash systems. Xtreme 2 is a great general cleaner but targets heavier grime such as paraffin, asphalt removal, and rich inks. Its unique ability to target tars and asphalt makes it our most powerful cleaner, safe to use in confined spaces. 


The surfaces Keteca Water Works water-based degreasers work on various ferrous and non-ferrous, plastics, and other multiple substrates. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us with any questions.


Product and Business Certifications

As part of our commitment to quality, Keteca Water Works has employed industry standards to achieve and hold the following certifications.


Our Certifications

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Research & Design Lab

Keteca Water Works has a dedicated Research and Design team in the USA that is well equipped to tackle your toughest cleaning challenges. We have developed custom degreasers for the oil and gas industry, printing industry, manufacturing industry, and other unique projects where an off-the-shelf degreaser won’t work.
We are also there to help transition from a toxic degreaser to a water-based formula; sometimes, it is not as easy as switching degreasers or cleaning solutions. Some processes might need changing depending on workflow, and we have seen it. We can help guide you through that change before it happens, and we are willing to get as involved as you need and help you become a more environmentally safer company.