Oil and Gas Refinery Degreaser

Water Works™ by Keteca Max XT Oil and Gas Refinery Degreaser
Max XT Degreaser
  • Max XT Water-based (Aqueous) Refinery Degreaser
  • Will quickly remove coker charge, asphalt tar, paraffins, crude oil, tenacious soils, and drag reduction agents.
  • Does not contain hazardous solvents caustics, butyls, or
    phosphates, and is environmentally responsible.
  • It is safe to use and not harmful to the worker.
  • Water-based formula for a safer workplace.

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Manufacturer Part Number: WWMX-330 WWMX-275 WWMX-55DR WWMX-5G WWMX-1G WWMX-32OZ

Manufacturer GTIN: 00855290004555 00855290004562 00855290004579 00855290004586 00855290004593 00855290004609

Max XT Degreaser Max XT Degreaser is the latest advancement in refinery cleaning technology using the power of water to clean in the harshest environments. Max XT Degreaser is specifically designed to have maximum effectiveness in cleaning coker charges, asphalt tar, paraffin, drag reduction agents, crude oil & tenacious soils, drastically reducing your cleaning and turn-around time.
Unlike traditional chemistries such as mineral spirits, diesel fuel, harsh caustics/butyl, or hazardous chemicals, Max-XT Degreasers’ advanced cleaning agents harness the power and safety of water and work together to clean the most stubborn areas. This technology is also safe for the material being cleaned, the trained worker, and is environmentally responsible.
Max XT Degreaser is packaged in concentrated form for cost-effectiveness.


Dilutio ratio (Water:Solution)
Parts Washing: Full Strength to 1:1
Tank Cleaning: Full Strength
Pressure Washing: Full Strength to 40:1